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Reviewing for the Exam

Interview Preparation Program

After this Course you will be able to:

  • Crack any Interview for Job

  • University Admission

  • Competitive Exams

Course Duration – 30 days

Interview etiquettes: 

Common interview questions, Preparation of the most common and tricky questions asked in the interview that the student: 

  • Why should we hire you? 

  • What are your weaknesses? and

  • What are your best traits? etcetera

Profession targeted interview questions, Preparation for the questions that a candidate faces based on the field of work they choose.

 Body Language: 

  1.  Sitting posture

  2. Hand gestures

  3. Maintain proper Eye contact

  4. Facial Expressions

  5. Correct Intonation (The ups and downs in the tone when you are speaking is called the intonation)

Do's & Don’ts in an Interview:

  • Activities that show your confidence 

  • Activities that present you as an under confident even though you are not.

Here, we teach how to tackle unwanted situations and tricky questions.

Interview Preparation Program: Services
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