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One-On-One Tutoring

Personality Development and Fluency

Unravel the best professionals in you

Duration:  3 months 

A very interactive program to practice public speaking, improve spoken English, and work on personality development.



This program is targeted at Email writing and Professional Correspondence. It includes: 

  1. Grammar: Covers accurate sentence Formation, punctuation, articles, and most commonly used punctuation marks

  2. Paraphrasing: For putting your thoughts into words effectively in writing using synonyms, direct/indirect speech.

  3. Vocabulary: Use topic-related vocabulary that incorporates lots of collocations, to make your language sound more natural and fluent. 

  4. Useful Phrases: These phrases allow you to communicate better, through both written and spoken language using collocations and connectors.



that offers classes on: 

  1. Introduction -   How to introduce yourself in both personal and professional environments.

  2. Public Speaking: Every once in a while every professional has to address a group of people, give a speech or represent their organization. We teach how it is done properly and effectively.

  3. Business Etiquette – How to dress, walk, negotiate, coordinate, and build authority are the most sought-after business skills in the current space of industries.

  4. Body Language –  How to integrate authentic gestures into your personality to enhance your communication and develop a good rapport with people.

  5. Voice & Accent –The accent is the way your language is affected by your mother tongue and regional influence and will help you speak in a neutral accent.


It includes: 

Interview etiquettes

Common interview questions

How to prepare for profession targeted interview questions

Body Language: ​

Correct Intonation: 

The ups and downs in the tone when you are speaking is called the intonation. 

Dos & Don’ts in an Interview:​

How to tackle unwanted situations and tricky questions.

Mock personal interviews

Personality Development and Fluency: Services
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