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10 Guidelines to get Ready for IELTS Speaking!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

1. Get yourself Assessed Before you start speaking –

Know your strengths and weaknesses; Where you are now, Where you need to go( #takeIELTS)

2. Make a realistic plan –

60% improve your general speaking + 40% focus on IELTS Preparation




Sentence starters

Practice! Practice! Practice!

3. Start atleast 2 weeks before the test:

Everyone has different strengths and will learn at different paces! Don’t set yourself up for disaster by starting 2 weeks before your exam when your current strength might be at 4 or 5!

Depends on the opportunities to speak in English!

4. Let others know about your preparation –

Tell people around you you’re preparing for IELTS. Let them know you’re taking an exam. If they know, they will hold you accountable, they will check in! If they see you slacking, they will make it known that you’re not working enough! And that’s what we need sometimes

5. Access the right resources –

Just reading tips without knowing if they work is NOT the right way. Find a good source, who will point you to the right resources and will show you how to use them! Unreliable information is worse than no information!

Get a good teacher

Use an online dictionary

Take notes, use notes!

6. Know what the examiners want –

IELTS examiners are determined to give you a chance to speak and express yourselves. But they are looking for a few things. Do you understand the question? Are you answering the question appropriately? Is your choice of words correct? Are you using the right tense to talk about different incidents (past, present, future!). But most of all how comfortable are you in English? How fluent are you.

7. Learn the format –

Set yourself up for success! Know the common topics, know the format of questions. Know the length of time you will need to speak! Get mentally prepared!

8. Practice More:

Find opportunities to speak. You're at a restaurant, take the opportunity to order your food, let the server know if you liked it! Grab a speaking partner, a friend, a family member. Have an English speaking hour at home twice a week!

9. Get Feedback

If you have a teacher, of course they are going to give you feedback during your speaking sessions! But make sure you understand the feedback, apply it, practice and speak again! The best way to learn is to know what your mistakes are and work on them bit by bit. Rome was not built in a day!

10. You’re your best critic!

When you work towards your goal and improve, you’re going to be the first one to notice!

Record yourself, listen, record again, listen and repeat the cycle till you’re happy with it!

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IELTS Speaking Interview

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