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5 Ways to Become Better at Repeat Sentences in PTE

One among the most important question types in PTE is Repeat Sentences. These questions are very scoring for both Speaking and Listening modules. However, it can be quite difficult to get all of these questions right as the sentence is only played once.

[Recall: In Repeat Sentences, students are provided with an audio of a sentence and they are required to repeat the same after 3 seconds. Each question is worth 13 marks; 5 for fluency; 5 for pronunciation and 3 for content]

Since, recording is played only once, most students forget most of what they heard and end up only getting 3 or 4 words correctly from the sentence. Here are a few tips to achieve more marks in this question type:

  1. Keep the order of the words correct: Even if you miss a few words from the sentence, make sure that the words you speak are in correct order as they were narrated to you.

  2. Try to mimic: If you are good with music, then you can employ this skill to get higher marks here. For example: if you hear a question, repeat in an interrogative tone.

  3. Listen for keywords: Pay attention to important keywords or phrases that convey the main message of the sentence. This will help you to remember the sentence more easily and accurately.

  4. Use mnemonics: Try to create a mnemonic or memory aid to help you remember the sentence. This can be a simple phrase or word that relates to the sentence and helps you to recall it more easily.

For example: Sentence: This black cat is cute

Your notes: T B C I C( Here, T(This), B(Black), C(cat), I (is), C(Cute))

And when you take a look at these initial words, it will be easier to recall the words in the correct order.

  1. Lastly, do not aim at the entire content: If you try to repeat the entire content, you are going to sound confused and mispronounce words or use synonyms that will cost you marks in pronunciation and fluency. So, try to get only 4-7 words in correct order with correct pronunciation.

Work on your pronunciation: Focus on improving your pronunciation skills by practicing your stress, intonation, and accent. This will help you to repeat the sentence more accurately and confidently.

Remember that while these tips may help you to improve your performance more efficiently, consistent practice and effort are still required to achieve success on the Pearson Test of English. So, make sure to practice regularly and focus on improving your listening and speaking skills overall.

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