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IELTS Essay: Can't find points to write an essay? Here are some useful tips..

Writing essay on a topic that is new and alien to you can dial down your performance. Integrate the following in your practice to write a better essay in your exam:

  1. Preparation: Before the exam, practice writing essays on various topics. This will help you build a repertoire of ideas and arguments that you can draw upon during the actual test.

  2. Brainstorming: Take a few minutes to brainstorm ideas on the given topic. Jot down any relevant points, arguments, or examples that come to mind. This will provide you with a starting point for your essay.

  3. Read Widely: Stay informed about current events and read extensively on various topics. This will help broaden your knowledge base and expose you to different perspectives, which can be useful during essay writing.

  4. Use Personal Experience: If the essay topic allows, draw from your personal experiences or observations. Your own experiences can add depth and authenticity to your arguments.

  5. Analyze Prompts Carefully: Make sure you understand the essay prompt clearly. Pay attention to keywords and instructions, which can guide you in formulating ideas.

  6. Mind Mapping: Try using mind maps to visually organize your thoughts. Start with the main topic in the center and branch out with related ideas and supporting points.

  7. Structure your Essay: Have a clear essay structure in mind before you begin writing. This can help you organize your ideas more effectively and prevent getting stuck midway.

  8. Stick to the Main Points: Focus on the key ideas that directly relate to the essay prompt. Avoid going off-topic or introducing irrelevant information.

  9. Prioritize Quality over Quantity: It's better to present a few well-developed ideas with strong supporting evidence rather than filling the essay with irrelevant or weak arguments.

  10. Practice under Timed Conditions: Simulate exam conditions while practicing so that you can improve your ability to generate ideas quickly during the actual test.

Remember that IELTS essays are not about presenting a personal opinion, but rather, showcasing your ability to construct a well-structured, coherent, and relevant argument. Practice and exposure to various topics will ultimately enhance your essay writing skills and help you overcome any difficulties in generating ideas during the exam.

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