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Top 5 tips to remember while using a template to write a report in IELTS writing(Task 1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Templates are use to master IELTS report writing in the shortest time possible while maintaining a good structure and vocabulary. Though, there are many templates available online for IELTS, there are a few precautions that should be kept in mind while creating a report via templates.

There are 6 types of graphics/pictures are found in IELTS writing module.


  1. Flow chart

  2. Bar graph,

  3. Pie chart,

  4. Line graph,

  5. Table, and

  6. Floor map.

Students may get one of the listed above graphic to create a report. Though, using a template can save us from juggling between words like 'Nonetheless' and 'Anyway' and worrying about the structure, there are some things that must be taken care of to get the best results while using a template.

  1. Select the right template: All of the 6 types of data representation pictures have specific structure and vocabulary and using one template instead of the other could lead to a confusing and unclear report. This type of report can only fetch the scores for fulfilling the word limit which does not help in qualifying the writing module. Therefore, When using a template for writing about a pie chart, one must use a template made for pie chart based report writing.

  2. Modify the template in your writing style: When practising with a template the student should choose the words they usually use as an alternative of the new words given in the template. Doing this will make using a template much more easier and it will help the learner modify the template and use it in their own style of writing.

  3. Select your goto vocabulary: In any template, there are multiple options for a same word to use. The student should fix some of the words they can use without looking for the synonyms.

    1. For example: for Firstly/to begin with/to start off/ First and foremost, the student should decide on only one synonym to use every time they have to start an essay or a report.

  4. Look for the units: Always pay attention to the units in the data is interpreted. If the data is given in percentage, we should always put a '%' sign after the numbers. Similarly, we should take care for all types of units given in the task 1 picture.

  5. Use synonyms: There are many words that we have to repeat while writing a report. thus, while practising with a template, student should practice taking a few minutes in the beginning to list our such some synonyms of the words that are going to be used many times in the writing. For example: if the data is divided between the men and women, you can use:

    • Males and females

    • Genders

    • (commonly) People

These 5 tips will help you succeed in your journey towards qualifying the IELTS test. If you have not found the perfect templates yet, subscribe to Illustre Educations blogs to get a free template from us

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